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Understanding of LED module

A lot of people are still confuse about LED display and LED Screen TV.See the difference and make up your mind.LED screen/display are now common usage nowdays. Now more and more businesses are inclined towards digital led screen than before.
But what is LED display?
LED display is actually LED screen Malaysia which is designed to display images, graphics, or videos. Consists numbers of small module size 320mm x 160mm being stack up to multi-led screen video walls, you can build any size of led signage according to your needs.
Now that you know what LED module is, it's time to know what are the difference between LED display and LED TV.Here we listed 12 difference comparing them.

1. Power Consumption

LED TV has lower power consumption than LED Display. And LED Display’s power consumption is counted per square meters.

2. Refresh Rate

LED Display has higher refresh rate than LED TV. Normally, LED TV is 60Hz refresh rate, and the highest is 120Hz right now. But LED Display can be 3840Hz refresh rate, and normally it is 1920Hz.

3. Gray Scale

LED Display has higher gray scale than LED TV. Normally, LED TV is 8Bit Gray Scale and 10Bit Gray Scale. LED Display is 12Bit Gray Scale and the highest is 16Bit Gray Scale.

4. Viewing Angle

LED TV has higher viewing angle than LED Display. LED TV is 170 degree viewing angle and LED display is 140 degree viewing angle.

5. Respond Time

LED Display has shorter respond time than LED TV. Normally, LED TV is 8ms respond time. And LED Display is less than 2ms. Because the LED is the display device. When it has signal, the display has signal too.

6. Brightness

LED Display has higher brightness than LED TV. You can see clear picture, video or text from outdoor LED display which faces the sun. Normally, LED TV is about 600nits. Indoor LED Display is about 1000nits. Outdoor LED Display can be 10000nits.

7. Working Temperature

LED Display can work at lower and higher temperature than LED TV. LED Display can work at -30 degree to 70 degree environments at long time. We recommend adding air conditioner for outdoor LED Display when the temperature is over standard working temperature.

8. IP Level

LED Display has IP67 level. LED Display can work at outdoor environments without any protection.

9. Life Span

LED Display has longer life span than LED TV. The whole LED Display is LEDs with other component. And normally LED’s life time is about 100,000 hours.

10. Dimension

LED Display can be customization dimension. It can be at any size. In huge dimension, LED display is flatness and leaving no Gap. And single LED TV is 120 inches maximum right now.

11. Resolution

In smaller screen size, LED TV has higher resolution than LED display. But in bigger screen size, LED display is higher resolution than LED TV.

12. Maintenance

LED Display has lower maintenance cost than LED TV. LED Display is assembled by modules. Each module can be fixed or replaced even by yourself when it is broken. But LED TV is difficult to fixed.

Hope we have successfully gaved some information related, and you have decided which is suit to your need or your business.
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